Clarity Breathwork is the most empowering, transformative experience I’ve ever been through in my entire life.

Clarity Breathwork uses breath as a powerful medicine, which releases trapped trauma energy, psychic pain and stress that is stored in your body - without having to talk or think much about it.

It is a direct path to more energy and vitality, lasting inner calm and joy, better health and enhanced relationships.

What's Included:

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Breathing Excercises Companion Guide
  • About Clarity Breathwork
  • 15 x Breathing Exercices with step-by-step videos demonstrating each technique
    • Intorudcion to Breathwork Positions
    • Breathwork Positions with Yoga Props.

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Dance Your Emotions with Femme! is an experience not to be missed!

  • It allows you to explore movement for self-expression, healing and empowerment.
  • It allows you to experience your body with pleasure, free from judgement.
  • It takes you on a luscious, invigorating and restorative journey through movement, and is for both women and men.
  • It is a passionate fusion of dance, sensual motion, meditation and celebration of our emotional being, designed by Dance, Health and Fitness Expert, Bernadette Pleasant.
  • It creates sacred, safe space for all to feel more alive and live fully as human beings.
  • It invites you to reclaim your power and to boldly display that power as you move freely and fabulously throughout the world.

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NEW! and IMPROVED, including an extra 20 BONUS Videos!

Love Your Birth is a holistic, doctor recommended, on-demand course to help with natural birth for pregnancy to postpartum bliss.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, trained and supported women with locally for over twenty years in my private practice and I’ve poured all of my love, passion, knowledge and experience into creating something truly special for you ... LOVE YOUR BIRTH!

10 core video modules with 13+ downloadable resources and packed with 20 new BONUS videos and resources:

  • Health In Pregnancy
  • Preparing The Mind
  • Testing Procedures
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Labor Coping Techniques
  • Birth Preferences
  • Guidance For Dads And Partners
  • Postpartum - the 4th trimester
  • Breastfeeding and Newborn Care
  • Meditation, Breathwork, Visualization and Relaxation

NEW! Over 20 Newly-Added BONUS Videos Where I Answer the Most Common Questions I am Asked, and Discuss Hot Topics Relevant to Your Journey.

Value — Priceless :)

The videos include discussions about such topics as:

  • What to do when family and friends not supportive of your choices.
  • Supplements in pregnancy.
  • Prenatal yoga.
  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean).
  • Kids at birth.
  • Friends and family at birth.
  • Ideal Candidates for homebirth.
  • How to have a homebirth like experience in the hospital.
  • More on the placenta.
  • How to deal when things don’t go as planned, and so much more!

The key to a positive birth, is feeling confident, strong, relaxed, and empowered during the entire process, regardless of the twists and turns it may take.

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography


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Take a walk with me, Anne Margolis, where I talk on topics that matter to you on your journey of planning pregrancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.

Over 40 short, sharp video walks, covering:

  • Preconception 
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Postpartum, and
  • Holistic Health and Healing

Watch anywhere/anytime, on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

You can now get this product and 'Prenatal with Hatha Flow Yoga' FREE with PLUS Membership?

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Prenatal and Mindful Hatha Flow yoga classes is a series of 28 videos.

  • Series of 7 prenatel yoga classes
  • Series of 8 mindful hatha flow yoga classes (class 1 and 2 with supplements), including a bonus soothing slow flow gentle class.
  • Plus additional resource videos on use of props, shorter breaks of yoga anytime anywhere, restorative practices, and a bonus live class.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you read the 'Important Health and Safety Information' lesson prior to commencing this course.

You can now get this product and 'A Walk With Anne - Holistic Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond!' FREE with PLUS Membership?

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Mindful Hatha Flow Yoga course includes 29 videos - a series of 14 classes - plus a bonus soothing slow flow gentle class, a restorative class, other vidoes on use of props, shorter classes, and additional helpful resources.

Please ensure you take the 'Important Health and Safety Information' lesson prior to commencing this course.

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Affiliate and Referral Program (includes 'How-to' training).

Earn 20% on traffic and referrals that convert.

Boost your earnings by referring quality leads and traffic that convert to sales on the Holistic Birth and Life Network!

We are looking for friends and partners who can promote our well-regarded and trusted signature blend of products and services to our ideal customers and clients in your network or audience.

If the referrals or traffic you send us buy—you get paid.

It’s that easy!

Terms and Conditions apply

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Come with me on 25 video walks and immerse yourself in a diverse range of topics of relevence for practicing and aspiring birth, and health and wellbeing industry professionals.

Deciding on group or solo practice, dealing with hospital staff as birth professionals, our role in birth trauma in mamas and newborns, or simply looking for fresh insights and perspectives:

  • Ever wondered about certain topics along your professional journey?
  • Want to know more about any of these subjects, go deeper, get real?
  • Simply want to grow in your knowledge or enhance your own health and well-being? 

Then come on a walk with me and find out.

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