[Follow along at home!] In this one hour video (yes one hour), I teach a mixed level mindful vinyasa yoga class in Costa Rica, November 2020.

I love to do retreats and workshops and was there teaching and guiding breathwork for several weeks.

The class is an hour, and involves a warm up, standing and balancing postures, cool down and final relaxation.

It goes deep into alignment, breathwork for inner calm and relaxing into intensity of stretching and strengthening … even normal waves of emotional pain and finding our peace on and off the mat no matter what comes our way.

Props recommended besides a yoga mat are a yoga strap or belt, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga bolster, 2 yoga blankets, and a meditation or smaller cushion.

It is not a beginning level or prenatal class, but experienced pregnant yogi mamas are welcome to do it, knowing their own needed modifications - there were no pregnant women in my class so I did not mention the modifications for pregnancy.

Stay tuned for a surprise at the end…the class gave me a warm round of applause!

I was so humbled and honored.

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