Sample Walk from the on-demad video course 'A Walk With Anne - Tips and Insights on Holistic Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond!':  Birth - Like Climbing a Mountain


Hi, it's Anne. So, if you don't know me by now, I love nature. I see the world a lot of times through the eyes of a midwife and I like analogies and visuals. 

So, I wanted to share with you … I had a mom in my practice who was an avid rock climberm mountain climber. She climbed mountains way taller, bigger, harder than this one.

But in the heat of her labor, she said “this isn't that bad.”  She was really close to giving birth and transition. 

She was like “this isn't that bad. It's like climbing a mountain”, and I didn't engage her in conversation at that time because I wanted her to be in her body and continue rocking it as she was doing.

But after I talked to her about it, and I said, I wanted to hear more about what she meant. And she was saying that kind of like in rock climbing, like in her labor, she was challenged to the max. 

She was tired. She felt weak and was hungry and thirsty; doubting herself. But then she reminded herself, it's kind of like rock climbing. 

She looks down and she realized she's not going to go down. She's just going to go up right in labor.  She certainly couldn't turn around. She was on a roll, so there was no turning back. So she just kept going up and then she got to the top and she's like, “wow”, right?

And then she saw a mountain what was double the size.  And she was like “okay, all right, you know, I'm going do this”. And then she gathers her strength. 

She finds this power in her that she didn't know that she had, and she plugged upward, upward, upward, and this started hurting and this started hurting.

And then she had doubts, and then she was tired and weak, and she was just like “there's no way”. And then she started really thinking “I can't do this. I absolutely can't do this”.

But then she looked out and she saw how far she came from. And then how far there is to go. 

And she's just, again, reminded herself “I'm going to the top or I'm giving birth”, right? “There's no turning back. I'm not going down”. 

So, she did it and she climbed a mountain, double in size than the first one.

She gets to the top and she sees a mountain that's quadruple in size, quadruple in size, which was where she was in her transition. 

And she's like, “no way. There's just no way. I'm spent. I'm done. I can't do this”.

But you know, did she want to give power to that doubting voice, right? Or does she want to give power to that voice that gets her to the top of other mountains that she climbed, right?

So, she said, “I'm going to do this, I’m not going down, I’m going up. If I could do what I did before, I just take one step at a time. I'm going to do it.”

So, then she climbed, what felt like in transition to her, quadruple the size of any challenging mountain or anything that she had just done. 

And she's doing it, and she's doing it, and now things are getting harder and harder, and different things are starting to hurt, and she's plowing through pain, and she's going forward, but she's tired and she's weak, and she has that voice that is saying “No way. There's just no way. I'm done. I am so done. I cannot do this. This mountain is too big for me”, right?

But, she went inside somehow and found this power and unleashed it, she did not know she had, and she made it to the top of that mountain and she gave birth to her baby.

And it was that same mindset of how she has climbed mountains, way bigger than this, way bigger than any mountain that she thought she could do, that got her to the point of not giving up when she thought she couldn't - got her to the point of finding her strength, when she was doubting it. 

And then when she gave birth, as when she climbs mountains that people think “I don't know about that one. That's too much”, she got to the top. 

She wanted to scream from the mountain top “I did this! I did this!”. She climbed her mountain. 

How many of you have given birth and you've got to that point where you thought “no way - there's just no way. I can't”? That's a very common emotional mindset that we get, especially in the hardest part of birth.

And then when you find that strength and you feel it, you want to shout out—and I’ve talked to so many people in my practice and around the world—they just want to share their story. They're so proud of the power and the strength that they found—and their determination—and whatever it was that they found within them that got them to the point that they could climb their mountain.

And not only that. How many of us have mountains? Because if you live in this life, you have mountains. Some are smaller than others, but once you start having kids, you have mountains. 

I have had so many challenges in my life that felt like mountains I couldn't climb, right? But I gave birth four times, and I know what it's like to help someone in the process of climbing that mountain?

So, we can tap on that strength and that power that we found within us when giving birth. We can tap into that power, into that strength, into that mindset. 

Anytime we feel that we are facing, whatever it is, a challenge, a struggle, something in our life that feels like a mountain that's too big and too much—too tall for us to climb.

That's my message for you today.


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