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The Holistic Birth and Life Network is a Journey Firmly Rooted in Community, Evidence-Based Education, Learning and Support.

Focused on Your Holistic Health from Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum, through to Everyday Living and Beyond! You want optimal health and well-being, and want to live a life of inner peace and joy - with access to experienced evidence-based guidance and resources, and a community where you feel valued and supported!

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  • LIVE! Support Group Replays: Get notified first when PLUS Member LIVE! Support Group recordings are published inside the Network (see PLUS plan).
  • SPECIAL MEMBER PRICING: Same OLD PRICING for my newly improved signature course 'Love our Birth' - with 15 newly added BONUS vidoes - for US $397 plus instant access to course content updates.
  • SPECIAL MEMBER PRICING: 25% OFF Anne's NEW! Introduction to Clarity Breathwork Course for US $147 (RRP US $197) plus instant access to course content updates.
  • FREE Best Guide to Birth Planning eBook.
  • ACCESS highly sought-after interviews - all in the one place (interviews, articles, guest posts, documentaries, films, summits and more).
  • NEWS and ALERTS! Be the first to know when fresh content is posted to the Network (blogs, news, announcements, special offers).
  • MEMBERS ONLY periodical newsletter (coming soon).
  • FACEBOOK GROUP: Access to my FREE PRIVATE, Active and Engaged, Facebook Group of like-minded individuals.
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  • UNTIL 30 April 2021: Get Member Lifetime pricing on our PLUS Membership for as long as you remain a member in good standing.
  • ACCESS TO OUR PLUS MEMBERS ONLY LIVE! Support Group hosted on Zoom (monthly).
  • EXCLUSIVE Holistic Birth and Life Network Partner Offers (coming soon).
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  • SPECIAL PLUS ANNUAL MEMBER PRICING: 11% OFF Network Membership (SAVE US $67 per Year).
  • 2 x FREE ANNE'S INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING BOOKS IN PDF Format: Natural Birth Secrets AND Trauma Release Formula (Both Second Editions!). Please note, pages are watermarked to help minimise unauthorized distribution.
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We'd love to have you with us from the get-go, and have you right alongside us as we grow!

Join the Holistic Birth and Life Network TODAY - a place where you’ll access up-to-date information, evidence-based practices, expertise and guidance.

Select the PLUS plan, and get direct acess to me, Anne Margolis, a seasoned Holistic Nurse Midwife of over two decades - who has seen everything - in our scheduled PLUS Member LIVE! Support Group hosted on Zoom!

"I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, trained and supported women with locally for over twenty years in my private practice and I’ve poured all of my love, passion, knowledge and experience into creating something truly special for you!"

The Holistic Birth and Life Network isn’t simply a blog, course or information; it’s a journey – a journey made in the company of others looking for the quality, evidence-based information and EXPERIENCE, and taking supportive steps - together.

I Give My Full Heart And All I Know In Everything I Do To Support People on their Holistic Birth and Life Journey."

Anne Margolis, Creator of Home Sweet Home Birth and the Holistic Birth and Life Network, Licensed Certified Nurse Midwife, Licensed Femme! Teacher, Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and practitioner, Two-times International #1 Best-Selling Author.


"How Do I Know if the Holistic Birth and Life Network is for Me?"

The Holistic Birth and Life Network is for you if:

•    you’re interested in holistic health leadership and guidance by a Licensed Certified Nurse Midwife, Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher, Experienced Dance Teacher and Licensed Femme! with 25-year midwifery practice experience - and has personally ushered the births of over 1000 healthy babies into the world
•    you’re planning on starting a family
•    you’re pregnant
•    you’re planning another pregnancy
•    you’ve recently had a baby (postpartum)
•    you’re in a support role (partner, family, friend) seeking information, and/or
•    you’re interested in holistic health, mixed-level and healing mixed-purpose yoga and/or breathwork
•    you're a birth and/or holistic professional
•    you're an aspiring birth and/or holistic professional.

as well as someone who’s:

•    keen to be part of a supportive holistic like-minded, worldwide online community
•    looking to benefit from LIVE support from me, Anne (with my special brand of expertise), as well as benefit from the shared contributions of the group itself
•    happy to contribute by way of sharing stories, successes and challenges about their own experiences with their fellow community members - and have some fun along the way!


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* Frequency and format of LIVE! Support Group may be adjusted as appropriate e.g. group-size/topics and/or areas of interest.
Holistic Birth and Life Network Membership Plans (FEATURES COMPARISON TABLE)
LIVE! Support Group*

Scheduled LIVE! Support Group with fellow like-minded PLUS Members, hosted on Zoom and facilitated by me, Anne Margolis—currently 1 per month*.

Make connections, ask questions, discuss burning issues, recieve support for challenges and get to know your fellow members in a friendly and supportive environment.

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'Love Your Birth'
10 Core Video Video Modules
15 BONUS Videos Added
Lifetime course access
Learn at your own pace
Instant access to updated course materials

NEW! and Improved! Life-time access to Anne's signature 'Love Your Birth' Course available at the SAME OLD PRICE of US $397.

FEATURING: ALL NEW course layout PLUS 15 newly-added BONUS VIDEOS!

10 Core Modules, each with their own video leassons and resources, along with highly-vetted evidence based links to quality resources.

Full resources list:
1. Love Your Birth Course Workbook
2. Choice Resources for your Holistic Birth and Life Journey. Over 200 Best Supplies, Books and Movies I Use Personally and Professionally.
3. Nausea Remedies
4. Hospital/Birth Center Supply Checklist
4. When to Call Provider in Labor
5. Guide To Creating Ideal Birth Plan
6. Birth Preferences Checklist
8. Healthy Living E-book
9. Herbal Tea Recipes
10. Supply List For Homebirth
11. Birth Affirmations
12. Blueprint for Postpartum Support
13. Newborn Care Instructions

  US $397
  US $397
  US $397
'Introduction to Clarity Breathwork'
14 Video Lessons + Companion Guide
Lifetime course access
Learn at your own pace
Instant access to updated course materials


25% OFF! Anne's Premiere 'Introduction to Clarity Breathwork' Course US $147 (normally US $197).

Access 14 Clarity Breathwork breathing exercises, each with step-by-step, easy to follow video instructions.

PLUS Downloadable, Printable Companion Guide!

  US $147
  25% OFF
  US $147
  25% OFF
  US $147
  25% OFF
Anne's Best Guide To Birth Planning

A template to help you prepare in advance, and help you speak up for what you want PLUS two keys to prevent high rates of intervention and birth trauma.

I've also included some great recommendations for helping you design the birth of your dreams. (PDF Format)

    YES       YES       YES  
Anne's Apothecary

Healthy Living Apothecary For Women

Best hand-picked brands of holistic personal care products, natural remedies and professional grade, whole food supplements

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Holistic Birth and Life Network VIP Club
(coming soon)

EXCLUSIVE Holistic Birth and Life Network Member Newsletter and Offers

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2 x FREE Anne's #1 international bestselling books in (watermarked) eBook format: Natural Birth Secrets AND Trauma Release Formula - both NEW Second Editions! (PDF Format). Please note, pages are watermarked to help minimise unauthorized distribution.

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A One-of-a-kind Worldwide Holistic Living Community Focused on Your Holistic Health from Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum, through to Everyday Living and Beyond!

  • Make Friends and Build Support Networks
  • Specialty On-Demand Courses
  • LIVE! PLUS Member Support Groups
  • Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Coaching
  • Holistic Health, Healing and Living Coaching
  • Book Store and Resources
  • Clarity Breathwork Guided Sessions
  • Licenced Femme! Intuituve Dance to Express and Release Emotions
  • Mixed-level/Mixed-Purpose Yoga
  • Birth Professional and Midwifery Consulting
  • Holistic In Person Gynecology and Online Coaching
  • Holistic Online Apothecary


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