Clarity Breathwork
with Anne Margolis, Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner

Clarity Breathwork uses breath as a powerful medicine, which releases trapped trauma energy, psychic pain and stress that is stored in your body - without having to talk or think much about it.

It is a direct path to more energy and vitality, lasting inner calm and joy, better health and enhanced relationships.

It also can revolutionize your childbirth experience - by easing it, lessening fear and pain, making it more relaxed and enjoyable; it creates huge benefits for you, your baby and your growing family that extend far beyond birthing.


Program Overview


Breathwork Begins with Increasing Awareness about, and Building a Connection and Relationship with, your Breathing — And Sometimes it Necessitates Retraining



I guide people to birth themselves as healthy and whole human beings capable of immense joy and inner peace.

With over two decades experience of guiding families through the most intense and challenging moments of their lives, I use my wisdom and intuitive understanding to meet each person's unique needs; I am fully comfortable holding safe, loving space to guide you through whatever issues or experiences arise, and will be at your side, responding to your breath every step of the way.


Clarity Breathwork is the most empowering, transformative experience I’ve ever been through in my entire life.

In dealing with my personal experiences of childhood and teenage abuse, severe stress, emotional pain, physical pain, tragedy, and birth trauma, unconsciously over the years it became habitual to repress and bury my experiences and feelings.

It finally started to catch up with me.

I felt something was very wrong. I tried various types of therapy and so many different holistic modalities to heal like herbs, supplements, osteopathy, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, and more.

Although these things were helpful, none worked permanently or completely.

I knew I was carrying around this awful emotional stuff in my body; but I didn’t have access to it and I wanted it out.

Talk therapy never helped me; it made me feel worse.

I found Clarity Breathwork by 'accident' - I overheard someone talking about the profound healing experience she had with it during a yoga retreat.

I made an appointment that changed my life.

My sessions of breathwork led to the complete relief and healing I'd been searching for.

I found gold and I had to share it.

I took extensive training to become a practitioner myself, so that I could help guide others through it.

I attended and assisted at many group retreats, workshops and certifications; this enabled me to develop skills at facilitation of group as well as private sessions, using a variety of complimentary healing modalities.

If you’ve experienced intense stress, emotional pain or any type of trauma, this modality is a must - it represents true hope.

Clarity Breathwork uses breath as a powerful medicine, which releases the trapped trauma energy and psychic pain that is stored in your body - without having to talk or think much about it.

This form of Breathwork is such an effective healing tool to compliment my practice as a certified nurse midwife.

I guide women to birth their babies into the world and themselves as moms.

I also guide people to birth themselves as healthy and whole human beings capable of immense joy and inner peace.

Is This You...

  • You have physical or emotional symptoms that modern medicine and other modalities cannot diagnose or heal
  • You experienced trauma, emotional pain and/or stress that impacts your life today
  • You feel stuck in your life, or have emotional blocks, habitual thoughts or behaviors that are limiting you

You want…

  • Increased energy and vitality (to feel like yourself again- or even better!)
  • Healthy, holistic and natural ways to reduce stress in a way that lasts
  • More ease, flow, and joy in your pregnancy, birth, life and relationships

Clarity Breathwork resets your nervous system stuck in overdrive or trauma of any kind.

It shakes up and releases trapped trauma and pain in the body, catalyzing permanent deep healing - a modality that is easier, simpler, quicker, and more effective than most other methods out there.

I am in awe of it every time.

It empowers the body to heal itself physically and emotionally, and connects us to the less tangible more spiritual aspects of who we are.

Over a series of sessions I will guide you how to release and heal from inner stress, current or repressed emotional pain, and trauma.

I will guide you to clear what feels like immovable blocks that stand in your way to living the life you want.

It can seem impossible to recover from traumatic or emotional events - all of which cause so much suffering, dis-ease and illness, as well as harm lives, and relationships.

But it can be done - this is the most powerful healing method I have ever experienced and witnessed.




Ways We Can Work Together

Private Clarity Breathwork Sessions.

A minimum of a series of 10 PRIVATE sessions is recommended. 

This is called the VIP Package.

Sessions are usually weekly or every other week. Sessions can be further apart if needed, but frequent and regular sessions are ideal.

The purpose of committing to a series of 10 sessions is to build a relationship of trust and to delve deeply into the process long enough to experience the most beneficial, richest results.

The intial session is about 2 hours, and each subsequent session is 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on your unique situation and experience. 

It is possible to try one session before committing to 10, but know the commitment to yourself and the series of regular sessions brings results that are the most long term and life transforming.  

The sessions can take place in my yoga and breathwork studio or online via zoom; but powerful sessions can be done in water supported on your back, or face down, using nose plugs and a snorkel in a tub, in the calm waters of nature, or in a beautiful soothing place outdoors where you can feel private, safe, and uninhibited. 

Group Clarity Breathwork Sessions.

Small, intimate group Clarity Breathwork workshops, weekend and week long live retreats are another wonderful way to experience this powerful healing modality. Next retreat is in Costa Rica this July, 25-31 2021!!

While they do not replace the private sessions, there is an incredible power and energy unique to doing the breathwork and associated exercises, in community; and you can still benefit from Clarity Breathwork's tremendously rich experiences.

My own most profound healing was in group Breathwork workshops, supplemented by private sessions.

Group sessions are facilitated by me, and my trained assistants as needed, depending on group size.

Introdcution to Clarity Breathwork is about 3 hours, or a bit longer depending on the needs of people in the group, and when live can also include the full healing Femme! Experience - with live African drumming -  to freely express, move and release emotions, and create incredible joy and aliveness.

Once you have had the introduction experience, group sessions are 2 hours.

There are other delicious experiential activities as well, to enhance personal growth, vitality and real connection to yourself and others. 



Explore the Clarity Breathwork Range

From Private 'VIP' and Group In Person and Online Zoom Sessions, through to My NEW 'Introduction to Clarity Breathwork' Online Course!



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Clarity Breathwork Private Sessions

Private sessions are my VIP packages.

I am skilled at supporting people at the most vulnerable, intense, transformative times of their lives, and empowering people to climb mountains that feel too big to climb. I witness miracles daily.

As a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, I help people master their breath, their inner states, their lives - ultimately transform and rebirth themselves.

These sessions enable me to be with you every breath and step of the way - you will have 100 % of my full attention.

Every private appointment is initially 2 hours, then follow up sessions are about 1 1/2  to 2 hours - depending on each person's unique experience.

A minimum of a series of 10 PRIVATE sessions is recommended.

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Clarity Breathwork Group Sessions

Group workshops are powerful not only for your own transformation, but also to connect more deeply with others in community.

Small, intimate group Clarity Breathwork workshops, weekend and week long live retreats are another wonderful way to experience this powerful healing modality.

While they do not replace the private sessions, there is an incredible power and energy unique to doing the breathwork and associated exercises, in community; and you can still benefit from CB's tremendously rich experiences.

My own most profound healing was in group Breathwork workshops, supplemented by private sessions.

A commitment to the entire Group Package of sessions is recommended, to experience the full benefits.

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NEW: "Introduction to Clarity Breathwork" Online Course

Learn the basics of Clarity Breathwork, what it is and how to do it - in the comfort of your own home!

Get access to 15 breathing exercises with step-by-step, easy to follow video instructions, presented by me, Anne Margolis, a professionally certified Clarity Breathwork facilitator!

Be guided through the practical breathwork exercises in the course, including a 17 page downloadable, printable and shareable breathwork guide.

Breath, and different types of breathing, have been used around the globe in many cultures for thousands of years, to access higher states of consciousness for transformation and healing.

Clarity Breathwork is a simple, accessible, yet powerful modality that helps to release the trapped energy in our bodies.

This 'Introduction to Clarity Breathwork' course, along with the guide, gives you tools to develop a relationship with your breath, master your breath and use it to create the inner state you desire. It is only a slight taste of what you can expect from Clarity Breathwork, but in no way replaces the experience you get out of virtual or in person guided sessions.

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Answer 12 quick questions and get your personalized results.

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What People Are Saying About Clarity Breathwork ...



For releasing emotions, try Clarity Breathwork. This is a powerful process of healing and transformation done in a chaperoned or group experience, that involves generating states of release through hour-long breathing sessions. It deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning, negative thoughts, and emotions and opens the doors wide for new life and greater consciousness.”
— renowned holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, in her book 'Own Your Self'.
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I had the opportunity to be facilitated in my Breathwork sessions with Anne. And I’m so grateful for this opportunity. First I feel safe from her presence. I love the energy she brings into the space from the very beginning. I like the fact that she’s a midwife and a Yogini herself. I can feel that she has done a lot of work on herself. She’s very nurturing and caring and I feel safe in her hands...I feel that Anne is always coming from her authenticity, and with that...I fully rtusted her... she just radiates that trusting feeling and persona...I  fully recommend her to facilitate Breathwork sessions - private or group."
 Ambikha D.
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Anne has a warmth and earthiness to her that puts you at ease. She was really supportive and nurturing during my Breathwork sessions and assisted me to go deeper in my process. Anne asked thoughtful questions that led me to greater clarity and release old programs. She is gentle and made me feel safe and comfortable throughout. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to heal and release stress or limiting beliefs from their life. Anne is a wonderful Breathworker and cares deeply about the people she serves. I would love to do Breathwork with her again!"
— Asta Kay, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.



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"I’ve had an incredible experience with Clarity Breathwork. It was as riveting in terms of body sensations as skydiving but with a sense of peace and deep relaxation that has lasted for weeks - and probably will continue for much longer. I highly recommend it to anyone!"


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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for this experience. I was astounded at how much emotional baggage I was able to release over one weekend. I really appreciate these new found tools for my personal healing journey."
Nicole M.


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"After experiencing the rebirthing breathwork, my body let go of a lot of tension and stress that it was holding onto that I was not even aware of. I immediately felt more relaxed, more calm, more at peace. Thank you Anne, you are amazing!"
Mark K.




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"During my experience I came away with a clear thought that I needed this as a personal practice and need to offer it."
Bernadette Pleasant.


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"Dearest Anne, It was AMAZING. Such a powerful night. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Ash. Ashley Autumn, Senior Production Manager, THE ASSEMBLAGE.


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"I learned so much about myself, my wife, and my marriage. It’s very hard for me to relax […] but I got some of the best sleep I’ve had so far this year! The breathwork was blissful and so relaxing. I felt very emotional and felt some of the heaviness come off my back and neck. You are so kind and inspire me with your passion for what you do. I am thankful to have left with a taste of inner joy and new tools to access it regularly..."
Jeremy B.


What is Clarity Breathwork?

According to International Breathwork Foundation "breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced well-being and personal transformation. Breathing, beyond the basic need for survival, acts as a bridge between spirit, mind, and body; between the conscious and the subconscious. Conscious breathing is one of the quickest ways to open the heart and energize the body. When used in specific ways, breathing allows us to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible through the more conventional talking therapies."

Clarity Breathwork, previously known as Rebirthing, is a safe, easily accessible and all natural, but powerfully effective process of healing, growth and transformation that is not usually achieved with traditional therapy and modalities that only involve the logical mind.

Clarity Breathwork enables you to tap into your body's tremendous capacity to rebalance and heal.

It increases oxygen and energy flow in the body, helps gently release toxins, negative thoughts, inner tension and stress, suppressed wounds, painful emotions and trapped trauma within you.

It leads to greater clarity, a deeper sense of knowing and profound insights into your core life's issues.

This work, and its life coaching aspects, can also bring awareness to habitual dysfunctional subconscious beliefs, repetitive patterns and conditioning, as well as remove blocks and a sense of feeling stuck, that limit you from living the life you want.

It allows for spontaneous completion and resolution, invites you to develop the courage to cultivate acceptance, understanding, reconciliation and even gratitude for past hurts.

It enhances love, compassion, and forgiveness of yourself and others, and inspires you to take responsibility for your life, embrace what is, and let go of trying to control what cannot be controlled.

What is amazing is how it can bring consciousness to your subconscious - which dictates much of your bodily functions, emotional responses and behavior.

Clarity Breathwork can even connect you to the spiritual realm within and around you, to reveal the true magnificence of who you are and heal a mistaken sense of separation from these essential components of life.

The process creates an incredible feeling of relief, aliveness, enhanced well-being, and joy.

Wonderful inner change creates outer changes in your well-being, your life, your direction and sense of purpose, and your relationships.

How Does Clarity Breathwork Work?

In everyday life, most of us are using only about 20-30 % of our lung capacity.

Breath is what gives us life, needed fuel, energy and oxygen; exhaling is the most effective natural detoxification.

Clarity Breathwork invites you to breathe at 100 % of your lung's capacity, which enables your cells to get get fully oxygenated and energized, as well as release toxins, so that your entire body can work better and operate more efficiently.

Breathwork literally empowers the body to reset, recalibrate, rebalance and heal itself. Breath is also intricately involved in our emotional responses.

When we are relaxed, we breathe more slowly and deeply.

When we encounter a stressor, our bodies are hard wired to go into the fight or flight stress response.

Sometimes this can be lifesaving.

But if there is no imminent danger, we still experience all the symptoms and effects of the stress hormones which become harmful over time, and often we are without the ability to fully process it all - especially if the stress is chronic or severe; we momentarily hold our breath, then breathe more rapidly and shallow, and the unprocessed emotions felt at the time get subconsciously repressed, and stored as trapped energy within the body, without our knowing.

Many people in the modern world operate almost continuously in the fight or fight mode even though there is no actual danger from which to flee, wrecking havoc with their health.

All animals shake off trauma energy, after they escape a threat, and return to their normal relaxed state of being - they move on without being impacted by the trauma experience; the energy of the trauma is not suppressed, it does not build up and cause dis-ease as it does in humans.

Humans tend to walk around carrying baggage of past wounds, hurts, pains and traumas.

Clarity Breathwork puts the breather in a semiconscious state, so the body naturally releases this baggage of past trauma energy, and when it is released we feel better emotionally as well as physically; we are in a more optimal state of health and well-being.

It is incredible to feel and to witness the immense relief that follows.

Around the world in many cultures and religions, breath is associated with spirit, the G-d of your own understanding, the infinite and eternal - from all biblical religions where G-d is described as breathing life into the first human, to the yogic traditions describing prana (breath) as spiritual life force.

Clarity Breathwork has no association with any religion or spiritual dogma, but it sure has spiritual benefits; it enables us to explore, feel deeper into, and connect to the essence of who we are, that which is sublime and so very there, but not directly discernible through our five senses.

Clarity Breathwork can lead to transcendental and divine mystical experiences.

If you are literally taking in all this breath, inhaling the spiritual life force fully into your being, especially with the intention to heal, the healing that takes place is all the more profound; this not only makes this modality even more compelling, but also it provides such an incredible tool, that you can access at your own will.

What is the History of Clarity Breathwork?

Breath and different types of breathing have been used around the globe in many cultures for thousands of years, to access higher states of consciousness for transformation and healing.

For example, in the East, many different yogic breathing techniques such as Pranayama emphasized the importance of conscious breathing to achieve a variety of desired results for optimal well-being along journey to enlightenment.  

Clarity Breathwork evolved out of ancient practices, as well as Rebirthing, founded by Leonard Orr in the 1970’s and taught worldwide by both Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.

In 1999, the founders of Clarity Breathwork decided to differentiate their work from Rebirthing, and call it Clarity Breathwork.

They did this for several reasons.

They found the term “Rebirthing” limiting in its implication that the purpose of this work was solely to address re-experiencing and healing our own birth trauma.

Although they acknowledge all aspects of birth, which includes womb time, conception and delivery to be very powerful, they also wanted the name of their work to encompass the much wider range of issues that can emerge through practicing conscious, connected breathing.

These may stem from later wounds and trauma, childhood, teen-aged years, schooling and education, livelihood and money, family, sexuality, relationships, religion, societal conditioning, emotional energy and behavior patterns passed down from family and its ancestry, death and dying, and so on.

They also wanted to embrace and meet the impermanent nature of physical reality, as well as the eternal reality of spirit.

Their focus is more on learning to be more fully alive and present in our current lives moment by moment.

Facilitating Clarity Breathwork, like midwifery, includes both art and science, as well as wisdom from experience and training in other complimentary healing modalities from the East and the West.  



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"Anne has such a gift for holding a compassionate and healing space...Anne knows how to support deep opening into vulnerable places and really honors the bodies wisdom and timing. She inspires great trust and brings lightness to the work. I felt so safe and unconditionally loved and because of that I was able to really let go..."
Bridget L.


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"It has been a pleasure to work with Anne. Her womanly wise and infectious personality made me feel held and safe throughout the whole breathing process and in her presence I was able to really drop in and go deep..."
Sophie W.


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"All the right people that attended were the perfect people to meet. New brothers and sisters united by one heart beat!"
Gladys C.


Ways To Personally Work With Me!

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