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I love helping mamas holistically to have the best journey to birth and beyond possible. And I love helping people heal their wounds and suffering, experience real transformation and reclaim their inner peace and joy - rebirth themselves. 

I have recently re-published my first two books, Natural Birth Secrets and Trauma Release Formula — both are #1 International Bestsellers, and both are expanded Second Editions!

Available in paperback, hardcover and on Kindle.

Natural Birth Secrets   
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    Trauma Release Formula   
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Natural Birth Secrets

An Insider's Guide: How to Give Birth Holistically, Healthfully and Safely, and Love the Experience! (Second Edition)



What is 'Natural Birth Secrets' About?

Whether you have visions of a cozy home water birth, giving birth in a birth center free of pain meds and intervention, or a hospital birth with the latest technology and emergency care access just in case—Natural Birth Secrets provides the ultimate pregnancy-to-postpartum training.

Throughout this book, you will find a unique approach on how to have the most healthy, deeply positive, and empowered journey through pregnancy, birth, and becoming a mama postpartum.

You will learn how to optimize your fertility preconception, natural healthful living, holistic modalities for common issues and ailments, and the pros and cons of routine interventions to help you make informed decisions along the way.

The more you are empowered, the healthier and happier an experience you will have.

These insights come from Anne Margolis’s learning, training, and support of thousands of women, babies, and their families from over 25 years in her midwifery practice.

With Anne’s “insider secrets”, you increase your likelihood of avoiding health issues, high rates of risky medical and surgical interventions, and serious complications, including birth trauma for you and your baby—so that you can have the birth of your dreams.

Women warriors—take your time learning these lessons to develop your plan from an emotional, physical, and spiritual perspective to relax into birth and mamahood with optimal wellbeing, excitement, and ease.


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My pregnancy bible!
This book was so informative. It was like my pregnancy bible! I referred to it for every discomfort or symptom to find the natural remedy/cure. The book is very well written and I felt completely aligned with her holistic viewpoint on pregnancy. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!
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Informative, Educational, and Empowering
I am struck by how this book manages to give the full package. What I mean is that this book is not only informative, it is full of heart, encouragement, and spirituality. Plus, its presents an eye-opening description of the state of Western medical healthcare for child-bearing women that is far from state-of-the-art. Jaw-dropping and disturbing. In this way, this book also serves as a women’s health rights advocacy piece. In addition to informing, educating, and empowering readers, I also expect a lot of readers are going to go to the writer's site and want to get involved with her other offerings because this book stands as a testament to her sincere and rich expertise.
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Like having Anne there with you!
I had the pleasure of being Anne’s client with two of my children. This book is like having Anne with there with you! Her advice is evidence based, holistic, empowering, and comes from experience clinically and in real life situations. A great book, highly recommended.
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Excellent read
So thorough and full of useful information. I like that it talks about holistic remedies but also about the anatomy and physiology of birth. Best of all, it talks about the mentality you need to help you get through your labor and birth. It really helps to put birth into a different perspective than the morbid one we have come to know in the western world. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and it reminds me of reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. If nothing else, it has at least helped me go into birth with a new mindset, which seems to be biggest component of having a successful birth! Thank you, Anne.
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Prepared me for birth!
I really enjoyed reading this book through my pregnancy! It helped ease my mind of some worries and answer questions I didn’t know I had! My midwife was surprised at how advanced my questions were and how much deeper we could dive during my appointments because this book helped me gain more than surface level understanding of birth. Because of this, during labor I was able to identify each stage of labor & even though I was in denial that I was in transition I said things like “this feels like transition but it is so early”! I absolutely would suggest this book to any birthing folx who seek knowledge on their journey to a physiological birth!

Trauma Release Formula

Trauma Release Formula: The Revolutionary Step-by-Step Program for Eliminating Effects of Childhood Abuse, Trauma, Emotional Pain and Crippling Inner Stress ... to Living in Joy Without Drugs or Therapy (Second Edition)



What is 'Trauma Release Formula' About?

For those of you done with suffering and ready to start healing and creating a life you love, Trauma Release Formula was written for you.

It will guide you to release trauma, inner stress, and stuck painful emotional energy in your body through a step-by-step process that involves a deep and powerfully effective form of breathwork, emotionally expressive dance, and cutting-edge methods of moving that trapped energy out of your body’s cellular memory and transforming subconscious limiting thought patterns, beliefs and habitual behaviors to those that serve your highest potential and most optimal state of being.

This process allows for a gentle tuning of your body, so it can realign with the original state of homeostasis it was in before the trauma and stresses occurred.

Trauma Release Formula provides the key for you to unlock the emotional pain and suffering at play in your personal life, work, and relationships, and the chronic stress-related physical symptoms and illness you likely endure due to it.

Fully free yourself from the imprints and impacts of intense stress and trauma with this book, so you can create a life you love.



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I loved it!
I absolutely loved reading this book, I loved the way the author shared her personal experience and the healing modality she introduces.
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Learn Practical and Fun techniques to release Trauma!
I started reading this book and I could not put it down, I finished reading it in one day. I felt as if Anne Margolis was across the table talking to me, telling me her story of years of trauma but going through life as society tell you to go "nothing is wrong, just keep moving". Anne shares and teaches you, in detail, all the search she did to heal herself. When you heal yourself you help others to heal as well. This is what Anne is proving in this very easy to read, very practical, joyful and fun book. I've read many self-help books but the advise that Anne is giving you on this book summarizes most of the trauma healing methods out there and you can start on the healing path, right now! on each page of her book!. One of the methods Anne mentions helped her the most is Clarity Breathwork, being a Clarity Breathwork practitioner myself I can attests for the trauma release one experiences with just one Breathwork session. Anne is the light this Universe needs to help spread the joy that we were born with and we have forgotten. You need this book even if you thing you don't have any trauma to release. Once you read it you'll understand how much more joy you can bring into your life. Bring on the joy! We all need more of it.
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Amazing and Transformative book
This book is amazing and transformative. It is a genuine book written from the heart as well as from great knowledge and passion about helping people heal their pain, suffering and trauma. She gives lots of great tools in the book that I use regularly, that help so much with my stress. I have done Breathwork and it has benefited me in releasing old, ingrained patterns from childhood and has helped with subconscious beliefs, some of which I hadn’t even been aware of until they came up in my breath work sessions. I would recommend this book without question to anyone looking for help to heal and feel not only relief from their pain but ease and joy.



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